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“It’s amazing how ‘punch’ has been equated to inciting violence” … Is this guy serious?

What the hell else could ‘give them a good punch’ mean Pastor?

Okay maybe I’m way behind this train, but I just watched the video of Pastor Sean Harris talking about giving your gay kids a good punch and his supposed “I’m reformed” speech on CNN and Young Turks. This is the problem I have with the fundamentalist’s speech. Regardless of which area the fundamentalist leans toward, even atheists have fundies, their speech is often quite violent in nature and they don’t seem to get it. What? Punch is not a violent insinuation, when I said ‘hit their wrist’ I meant: ‘straighten it.’  But here’s the thing about leading, you have to say what you mean. You are in charge of the people you are leading and anyone who took what he said literally and went home and hit or punched a gay or effeminate seeming boy or a ‘too butch’ girl, will be his responsibility. He has taken a leadership role and so, like the husband, the responsibility for the lead’s actions partially falls on him.

This is the problem I seem to run into more often than not, and so when I ask questions the fundies back track. It’s my in-laws, it’s my parents. I love you, but seriously? Do you really even hear yourself people? Why are we using this hate rhetoric and where pray tell does this come from the Bible? Seriously, I invite the fundies to win me over, but remember I was one; I’ve heard it all.

As a sidenote, this pastor is from a Berean church. I have had many words with one blogger who is constantly shoving this church’s doctrine down my throat. Now I see what the church is like, I get it. I really get it, and no thanks again to the many doctrinal statements on the Berean website. I think I’ll stick to the red letters.

12 thoughts on ““It’s amazing how ‘punch’ has been equated to inciting violence” … Is this guy serious?

  1. Proverbs, 13:24. “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”

    It is not pretty, but it is Biblical. I have no problem with that, I think with so much of the Bible we have moved on, in a good way- the slavery bits, for example. I met a man who said his father had beaten him, and he resented it at the time, but now thought his father was right. We need to speak out against such things, before they become more prevalent.


  2. Except that we can’t pick and choose what parts we want to keep. If we believe that we as Christians are under the Old testament 9the law) then we must be under all of it. Thus, we must stone our disobedient children and stop eating pork.


  3. You make some valid points here. I’m with you – I’ll stick to the red letters. The harsh words of Jesus were spent on the religious folk. He hung out with the drunks, prostitutes and tax collectors – and loved them. Have we missed the point?

    Praise Jesus


  4. I don’t believe we are under any of the Old Testament law – the New Testament says we are not. The NT also says we should be guided by the Holy Spirit, not by legalistic rules (I can give you verses if you want).

    I don’t think the Holy Spirit leads us into violence. Jesus taught non-violence and the Holy Spirit surely leads us into peace.


  5. I am currently watching the CNN interview. I think the things that leaders miss is that if they do not expand on certain things they say, people will take what they say, misinterpret what they say, and run with it.


    • Absolutely dead on. If you are a leader you have got to be clear with your words. I believe that leaders who lead their flock astray will be judged for it. Every group has crazies listening and you have to remember that.

      My husband didn’t think it was a big deal until the guy apologized by saying that he didn’t mean punch he meant shove them. What in the world?


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