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One Million Arrows: One analogy I loathe.

Psalms 127: 4-5a
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them

This was part of the pastor at my parents church’s message today. He kept it short, and he kept it on the family. It was AWANA Sunday. The day when all the kids who attend AWANA come to receive their awards for the year’s work. Pastor’s always want to take advantage of the fact that by giving a message on the family. I admit I needed to hear it, but that’s another post. In his message he brought up an analogy, one I don’t care for because of the implications. I know it’s a little heretical to to say considering that it’s Biblical, but I don’t like to think of children as weapons. Why in the world would I be happy to turn my children into flying, killing projectiles? Can someone explain why this violent imagery is necessary? Is my aversion to it wrong on a biblical level? I mean, do I have to like every biblical metaphor like this to be a good Christian? If so, I guess I’m not a good Christian, because I certainly don’t want to think of my kids as little trained killers in my craftsman’s hands. I don’t want to raise them like that, as if their purpose is to do battle. Is that wrong? And if so, will I change it?

Probably not.


3 thoughts on “One Million Arrows: One analogy I loathe.

  1. Funny. Jesus used this Scripture to comfort me when my kids grew up and moved to the four corners of the US – literally – and took my grandkids with them (of all the nerve).

    They ARE meant to be shot out into the world – to hit their mark…impact the world where they land. Not as weapons, but as ambassadors for His kingdom.

    When you take Jesus and strip away religion, know what you get? Relationship. That’s His desire for us. Too bad Pharisees still abound, and make Jesus seem so harsh and unwelcoming. It breaks my heart to see the Bible so mishandled. 😦



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