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The Unpopular Message

plug_earsWhen I read around on these blogs in the classifications of God, religion, Christianity etc. I realize that most love a sunny ending. Most people like movies that have a happy ending, so why shouldn’t people who read blogs that end the same way? People don’t like to be disappointed. But that’s not reality, that’s not life. Not every story has a happy ending. I was reading a blog where a lady said that there is nothing we can do to get away from Jesus. It’s a story I’ve heard over and over. Someone who spent a long time running from Jesus turns around one day and sees the truth. But what about the stories of those who ask and ask and ask and hear nothing? What about those who find themselves on the other side of the door trying to get in? I hear so often that those people weren’t saved. I hear that they have blockages in form of sin in their lives. But here’s my heretical question: What about what God owes us? There are many branches of this faith that say that God owes us nothing at all, not even a chance for salvation. To me, that seems ridiculous. God made us. God made us knowing that we would sin and then pass from this life into eternal damnation (should it exist). In doing that, God still did it. God could have not made the damned ones. God could have decided to save everyone (like some believe0. God could have done anything to keep us from this inevitable position we are wedged in. So, if I’m not struck down (but maybe I hope to be) before I publish this, I ask: what does God owe his poor, miserable creation? Doesn’t God even have to answer when we beg God for a little help? And if God is good, how can God resist?

2 thoughts on “The Unpopular Message

  1. I think those are fair questions, and I don’t think God punishes us for asking such questions.

    I too know of people that seem to sincerely seek God and don’t seem to get anywhere. But we don’t know the end of their story, and we don’t know how God will treat them (I’d mistrust anyone who says they do know).

    I don’t think God owes us anything. He’s given us the gift of life, and that is an amazing gift. But i still think you are right that since God made us and loves us, it’s hard to see how he would do bad to us. I think he treats everyone mercifully, and pays us great respect by giving us what we choose – to live with him, or not.

    Keep asking the questions – and ask God too, and keep on asking as long as they are important to you. Hope you get answers (I believe you will).


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