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After Mother’s Day thoughts from a genetic dead end.

It wasn’t as hard as Christmas, but Mother’s Day is not so fun. I get all kinds of hugs from people saying stuff like: I can’t wait until you have kids; or happy future mother’s day. My mother in law told me that she always wishes for a grand baby from me. They ask when I’m going to have kids. They give pitiful or hopeful looks. Uh, it’s obnoxious. Gabe asked how I felt on days like this and I just said that I felt pressured. I’m not stressed out about it anymore. Really I’m not. I just don’t need people’s comments to make me start being stressed again. Quitting trying to have a kid has been the best decision I could’ve made. I’m not stressing. I get to take my meds and eat dairy again. And you know what, I haven’t been drinking at all (not even on my periods which is what I had been doing). Right now, it’s my time. For the first time in my life, the world feels pretty wide open. I’m okay with that. Really, I am. Right now, I want to take risks and live vicariously through my pregnant friends. Hopefully they’ll share all the dirty details.

2 thoughts on “After Mother’s Day thoughts from a genetic dead end.

  1. Oh they will annoy the crap out of you even if you had a kid. haha
    It never stops. Even after 3 kids, everybody still says EVERY damn gathering, “when are you gonna try for a girl?!?” “When are you having another one?”
    Motherhood/parenthood is overrated. It ruins marriages and turns you into a screaming, angry, insane person. We’re all on anti-depressants. It SUCKS.
    I love my friends who don’t have kids. They’re much more interesting to talk to.
    Stay interesting. Stay happy. Get cats, not kids. haha


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