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I want a Stupid President!

Dear Daughters,  I am sorry to have to tell you some really bad news about your Father.   Your are probably wondering why I am  telling you this way and not in person.  The reason is that the news is just so horrible

 ( although not surprising) that I just didn’t want to relive the news by telling it out loud.
Missy and Shelly……. Your Dad is an Idiot.  ……. Not just any ‘ole  idiot but ..sniff sniff.. A STUPID IDIOT!!
And what’s worse …. A STUPID IDIOT By CHOICE !!!! Oh the horror !! OH , the injustice of it all!!  I also want to apologize to all the stupid people and the idiots of the world who are not that way by CHOICE but  who just can’t help it.
It all began tonight as usual after a long day at work for me and a long day watching FOX News and playing games on the computer for your Dad.  We had just sat down to eat dinner  in front  of the TV and watch NBC news.  I like NBC news because I think Bryan Williams if HOT.   ( Hey I’m almost 67 years old not 10!  Who do you think I would think is Hot? Justin Beber ??? )  Anyway, of course the subject of Obama came up and I started getting my daily lecture of  ” Obama is going to be Impeached and Missy and I need to start watching the news ( meaning FOX News) and get over our Liberal ways! ” I asked him how he knew Obama was going to be Impeached and if that is truly how he felt then he ought to get active in the Republican party and start  a petition to get Obama Impeached.  Carl then said that he didn’t have to because there is already a petition going around by way of the phone and an 800 number.  ( Most likely from the 800 number from the inmate he is playing games with on the computer)  and that he had signed it.
Anyway, I just said OH Well and took Harry up stairs to my tower to eat in peace. To that Carl said”Go ahead and leave just like Missy does when she knows she is wrong. ”  ….. Don’t get mad Missy….. Remember you are suppose to pity the Stupid Idiots by Choice of this world.  I think it is the 11th commandment or one of  the Constitutional Amendments . I’m not sure which.
After Harry and I ate our dinner in peace , I went back downstairs to put my dishes in the sink.  After doing so I decided to ask Carl a question:  Here is where it is proven that he is ASIC ( A Stupid Idiot by Choice  )
Me: Carl if Obama is Impeached who becomes President?
Carl: Jo Biden of course!! In his usual- I am smarter than you because I have a Degree from ECU and you DON’T voice.
Me: So your are saying that you would rather have Jo Biden as President than Obama?
Carl:  Yes because at least  Jo Biden is STUPID.  Yup that is what he said.
Now I don’t know what you guys think  it means by  him saying that  but this is what I am hearing:
A.  Carl thinks Biden is STUPID!
B. Carl thinks Obama is SMART!
C. Carl would rather have a President who is STUPID rather than SMART.
D  All of the above.
Well , I don’t know about you but if I had a choice ( and I dare say that if I started a petition ) the majority of the American people and ALL the First Graders of this world,  would pick a SMART President over A STUPID one.  Also let me point out that I am not saying that I think Jo Biden is stupid. I am just repeating what ASIC said.
Well that is my Bad News and I am truly sorry that I had to be the one to tell you , but I am your Mother so I feel it is my duty  and I would hate for you to hear this  news from anyone else especially one of those First Graders.
 I also need to tell you that I do not know of a pill nor enough POT available to cure ASIC. Maybe if I ever win the lottery I can get enough money to set up a foundation for research to find a cure.  Until that day, we will just have to keep trying to prevent anyone else from getting ASIC.  This can be done only  by NOT letting anyone you care about or anyone you know WATCH FOX NEWS !   Please , Please spread the word  before this horrible mutant deformity becomes an epidemic. The future of your Grandchildren and Great Grand Children are at risk.
Well Have a Wonderful Day.  I Love you both Very Much!  Your Mom: Broom Hilda
This was an email to a friend who asked me to spread it out; so spread I’ll do.

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