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Why are you against gay marriage? Hatred

This was the beginning of a very short discussion on my way home from the Outer Banks. We offered a ride to my husband’s best friend and his fiance, so we got to spend 14-15 hour in the car getting to know one another better. Luckily, the conversations were not all like this. If they were, I fear we wouldn’t have parted as friends. We were talking about the government in Canada because Jairus’ (my husband’s best friend) fiance, Lisa is from Canada. I wanted to know what kinds of things were hot potatoes there. I mean, they’ve got universal healthcare so I figured they were moving onto to different things than we are. She said that, for whatever reason, gay marriage was not a hot potato at the moment. Though she didn’t know how it had resolved or what side won. Interesting, I thought, to have very clear opinions but not to care how they play out politically. Anyway, I thought I’d ask Jairus, who was shaking his head, why he was against gay marriage. I expected to hear Sodom and Gomorrah, Adam and Eve that kind of thing, but instead he responded: “Hatred.” And he sounded hateful. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t take his response very well and bit back: “Well, that’s a very Christian response.” Thankfully my husband took over and calmed the situation down very well. Thinking back on it, he was so right that watching Lord, Save Us From Your Followers with them wouldn’t go well for me. I would get much too angry. After I calmed down a bit, I asked Jairus where his hatred comes from in my kindest voice. He then apologized and said that he answered too quickly without really thinking and that he doesn’t really have hatred he was just being sarcastic. His fiance then stepped to explain that every time she tried to discuss it with him they couldn’t because he was simply too sarcastic to take anything seriously. At this point my husband chimes in with a Big Bang Theory (which we all love) response: “Classic overcorrection, I think. Are we over compensating?” I’m happy to say that the conversation ended well. I knew I would make no headway with my anger in the way and so we ended by my agreeing that yes, to further the human race Adam and Eve had to be man and woman. Though as we have carried on the race, I don’t really see that that needs to be the main argument anymore. Someday I’m sure we’ll get back to it, but for that day I figured that I had caused enough ruffled feathers. I’ll tell you about the other ones at another time.

3 thoughts on “Why are you against gay marriage? Hatred

  1. “You will see only hatred, so why should I bother explaining to you?” Actually, I see fear, and defensiveness, and perplexity, and a dislike and incomprehension of gay Pride,

    At the end of “The Last Battle” by CS Lewis, the last Narnia story, the dwarves get into Heaven but do not see it. They think they are in a dark, stinking old stable in Narnia.


  2. The hard part about this discussion for me is that solo scriptura hangs in the balance. Wouldn’t matter if I were Catholic, but the church’s infallibility rating isn’t very good. I don’t have good exegetical answers? Wish I did. – Andrew


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