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The Laid out Life

I think we like the life laid out
The one that we can predict
And see the other shore.
It’s the light at the end of the tunnel
The knowing that you’re going somewhere
Because you’ve got somewhere you’re going.
We don’t like the darkness
The abyss that is not knowing
The inability to tell how far we’ve come
Or if we’ve moved at all.
We’ll take the oatmeal and cream
Of a life laid out
Over a closet, a sea of colors that may clash
That may not work out, that may just be a trend
That seem to waste our time
Because we choose the cream and oatmeal
The bland, the constant in the end.
And that’s the way we like it.
The predictable
The dive that leaves the fewest ripples
The thing that feels the easiest
The safest street on the block.
But if we choose a shirt we can only tolerate
Or choose a safe house that we hate
Over an outfit that excites
Or a house that delights
What have we missed out on?
And if we choose the safest route
Not the one we’ve dreamt aboutoutfit
Just to save us from the doubt
I know this
We may have missed
The answers that are hard won
That almost break us
But in the end redeem us.

I wish I could tell you to take the route you’ve dreamt about
I wish I could tell you to give in and throw yourself into doubt
I wish I could say that the outfit I wear is one that fits like a dream
I wish I could. But in the end, I’ve chosen oatmeal. I picked the cream.

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