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Tiny Flashy Beggar Season

lemonade-standThat’s summer around the ‘marts’ of the country. Little able bodied kids standing around slurping drinks and shaking cans. I think I would consider myself a let leaning independent and it still pisses me off a little to see them out there rattling the change jars to make money for their teams or organizations. I hate it! Every year I walk past and have never given a single penny. You’re little kids and teens, go bake cookies or sell candy bars. Do a walk-a-thon or wash cars. Just because people beg change for the needy doesn’t mean that’s the way to make money. Who came up with the idea that energetic schoolchildren should raise money by standing in front of stores like the Salvation Army? What does that teach our kids or wasn’t that important at the time? I’ll give money to the Salvation Army because I feel they are raising money for people who need it. I’ll buy over expensive cookies from an adorable or even not-so-cute kid who’s putting in the effort. I’ll pay 5x as much for a car wash from a bunch of kids even though I never get my car washed anyway. But I will not give money to kids who are being taught to think that standing in the sun, with an icee in hand, is working for their camp or team or whatever else! Nope not doing it. Forget it, don’t even ask, though they don’t even put in that effort 90% of the time….

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