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Likes and No Views: My biggest blogging pet peeve

I get the emails saying so-and-so liked your post and go to check the stats to see absolutely no one has even viewed that post. What the heck is that? It drives me mad. Those people who like your post, but don’t read are trolls. That’s what I think they’re the people who want to promote their blogs without actually reading anyone else to comment on like topics. I hate it. i feel like that’s twice as disrespectful. And to think I used to follow them and look around for a while. Sheesh. I mean the least of the reason I do this is for the likes. I want people to read my stuff and comment on it, maybe start a discussion or an argument. Come on people, don’t waste my time liking my stuff if you’ve never read it.

How about you fellow bloggers, why do you do this? Why do you open what you write to a public forum? Is it so you can be heard? So you can build a fan base? So you can get it out? Or maybe you do it for the stats and likes? No reason is ridiculous, just different.

11 thoughts on “Likes and No Views: My biggest blogging pet peeve

  1. It annoys me, too, and no I don’t do it. It’s really great when I make a lengthy post and then somebody “likes” it within a second or so of pushing “publish.” Yeah, dude, you read really quickly… To be fair, some people subscribe to my posts by email and can read the post without viewing the post on the blog. But I’m still pretty sure they have to go there to “like” it.


  2. Just occasionally, I have “Liked” from the reader without visiting the page, only if there is a picture without words. The picture appears on the reader, I “Like” it. I do not think this applies to you.


    • Yes, that is one exception. The photo blogs. I think you’ve been quite insightful and involved in my posts. But of course you read this post, so it already doesn’t apply. hehe. Thanks again for your contributions.


  3. Primarily I post stuff to minister and be a resource to the parents of the students that I am a pastor to. The audience has expanded beyond that and I am grateful. I check out my stats as a way of knowing what I am writing is resonating with people. In regards to what you’re talking about it didn’t take long for me to become aware that some people are liking my blog in hopes that I will follow theirs. It’s the nature of the beast and I don’t let it bother me, but I suppose it helps that the majority of my readers are people who rarely ‘like’ it or ‘comment’ on it, but can talk to me face to face about it. If that wasn’t the case I’d likely feel differently about it.


    • Yes, most of the people who actually follow my blog are least likely to like it, but to have a conversation with me. I love those conversations and want to keep trying to elicit those kinds of responses. Thanks for stopping by and talking with me.


  4. I like your blog because you say what you see! Whether it is right or wrong, you tell your truth. I get tired of people parroting others biased dribble. The world needs truth and people who have the courage to share it, so keep sharing it. As for the others, let their dribble fall to the floor it doesn’t matter. You have access to the world’s biggest platform so use it for good and let God deal with the motives of those who just want fame.


  5. I’m very new to both your blog (which I’m enjoying reading very much, although there’s a lot for me to catch up on!) and the blogging world, but, when it comes to blogging, I write mainly for myself. I find I think and learn best when I’ve written something out, especially if I know other people are going to read it. I find the blogging process, so far, to be an excellent challenge to my otherwise foggy-Mum-brain, in addition to being a silent space where I can think and ponder “out loud” and express things I want to say, but simply don’t have words for in a conversation (actually many of the things I want to blog about just aren’t really good conversation material, except perhaps for with very close friends…even then, I usually can’t find the words to express my thoughts). So blogging is mainly for me, and if others like what I write, well, that’s the nice bonus of it all 🙂


    • This blog is definitely therapy for me. I write it for me. i read it for me. The discussion is definitely for me. That’s the hardest part. In a lot of ways, this blog is my church community. The discussion that comes from my ‘religious’ posts uplifts me and makes me realize from time to time that I am not alone. It kind of feels like a slap in the face that way when people ‘like’ a blog that has not been viewed. It’s kind of like, “I like your title but not enough to give back by even reading it.” I did find at one point that I became quite competitive with myself about views. Ooh, this is what works I can get more views. And sometimes I’ve had to restrain that attention whore feeling.
      Ps. I know what you mean about mommy brain. Reading my old posts back (the Christian ones) sometimes I’m like damn, that was good. Haha. I used to connect several ideas and seemingly unrelated stories and events rapidly and quite prettily. It’s a big struggle now. It’s much more of a process.


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