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Missing the deep end

The two of us are always asking shallow questions. That’s our thing. Shallow questions and when we answer, we answer with all implications in mind. We answer the depth that we don’t have to say. And that’s how I know that every piece I write about religion and faith and the forces that guide us are about him. They are from him, with him and in many ways by him. They are the shallow part of the deeper questions that I have every day for him. I’ve had moments like that with other people. Moments where other people and I were talking laden with implications and making every one of them apply to a shallow conversation. It’s my favorite kind of conversation. Like one where the people seem to have read all the same books and seen all the same movies and loved all the same quotes, because they can talk without having to explain the finer points and just run with it. I’ve tried to replicate that kind of conversation on this blog, but it just doesn’t happen. There have been moments when someone asks an implication question that shows me they see the complexity, but it’s just a moment. Imagine talking with someone who gets your every nuance without a single word to clue them in. It’s that kind conversation that I miss everyday. It’s that kind of conversation that makes me feel close to everything- God, my faith, my goals, who I want to be, myself.

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