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GOD sees the heart! You are not God, so you don’t.

ImageI am SOO incredibly tired of people telling me that certain people weren’t saved. Like Gandhi. I don’t know about you but it’s above my pay grade to decide whether or not he came a “saving knowledge of Christ.” In fact, I think it’s above my pay grade to decide the definition of a saving knowledge of Christ. You know what, Mahatma Gandhi lived his life to reflect Jesus. He spoke of Jesus greatness and His power to transform. He also made it clear that to not live you life as Christ would have you live it was the definition of un-Christian, and I’m with him. What could transform a life like Christ? And if you find your life transformed by Christ, isn’t that the definition of what it is to receive Him? But like I said, above my pay grade. God sees the heart and since we are not God it seems self-idolatrous to me to think we have a clue as to who was or wasn’t saved. Sure people have opinions, I get that, but judgments are preposterous. And like Bill Maher said. “Gandhi was so fucking Christian, he was a Hindu.” But we don’t really believe Christianity is rooted in our actions anymore do we? Hm?

3 thoughts on “GOD sees the heart! You are not God, so you don’t.

  1. We can say what the Bible says about pleasing God, but we cannot say with any certainty what it doesn’t say. And it doesn’t tell us how God viewed Gandhi. So I agree with you. He seemed to pass Jesus’ test of “if you cared for the suffering, you cared for me”, so who knows?


  2. One of the first Christian concepts that I gave up was the idea that we could know the heart, will and intent of God, including whether or not someone sinned in God’s eyes or that they do or do not know the truth of God.
    Your last sentence is something of importance. Many should rethink what “salvation by grace” is.


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