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On my way home from work I saw

On my way home from work I saw a sign in someone’s yard. “Are you better off?” Is what the sign said.

So are we better off? I can tell you one thing that isn’t suffering from President Obama’s leadership: our tax return! We were a little worried that with the Bush tax cuts expiring, we wouldn’t get as much back this year. But it’s pretty on par with every year since we’ve been married. We aren’t worse off than we were when he got into office, but are we better?

Whenever I or someone else asks me this I always think of my family first. And when people start to rail on the idea that Republicans give people programs to actually improve them, or to encourage work democrats give everything away for free and cause dependence, I always think of my family. Do you think of your family, all you who call these issues out. I challenge one of you to go through you family and confirm that none of them have needed help from the government in one way shape or form. Have you lost your job in this last decade and gone on unemployment? Has a family member? Have you or a family member needed an access card for treatment for things such as autism, or some other disease that you have no control over, but insurance companies won’t cover? Have you or family members needed the medical financial help in the form of medicare, medicaid, or social security (disability)?

You see, even the family members I have who have themselves been on unemployment rant and rave against keeping it. My parents would have lost their house when my Dad’s job was terminated. My in-laws were on unemployment for years while my father in law searched for a job and was rejected over and over again even though he has a master’s and a military background. Hell, he was told that he wasn’t the most qualified applicant for a fucking box handler’s position. And still he constantly talks about cutting the funding and all the people who take advantage of that stuff and how they’re living off the government. Well, weren’t you? When people tell me that democrats aren’t giving people more job opportunities instead of just giving money is when I lose it. My father wouldn’t have two degrees if it weren’t for President Obama’s programs for those who lost their jobs. And as I said before, even with a degree he wasn’t guaranteed a position, but at least it put him in the running.

Here’s the problem you relief railing republicans, you are angry at the government because of people that break the law. Instead of holding the abusers accountable, you blame the government. Neither of the men in my family would have been able to get by without some help. They’re not dependent, in fact they’re paying back in. So how about you try to blame the right people for a change.

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