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Twisted Christianity: Depending on God vs. God’s Puppet

With Christians like these, who needs atheists? It seems to me we, Christians as an American whole, are on a mission to look as stupid, hateful, and un-Christlike as possible. It seems that we are on our own mission to turn people away from Christ. As a group, we are doing more to slander the reputation of Christ than be a clear example of Him. How are we doing that? We are acting like idiots. And those of us who aren’t, aren’t speaking up loudly enough against it. So here I embark on my battle against twisted Christianity, and if you ask why I simply don’t jump ship- I refuse to worship in a religion like this, and I’m not leaving.

There are many principles that American Christianity has twisted to suit different ends, and to accomplish particular goals. The first one that is really bugging me right now has been all over the news. Families have started to trust God to lead them, heal, and generally sustain them without them needing to take any responsibility or action. The story of the family sailing away from our sinful country off into the Pacific ocean with a three year old and an infant to be led by God to a new place is one example.They said that they believed that God would lead them where they were supposed to go. After being picked up, they were transferred to Chile then made their way back to Arizona to make a new plan. I wonder if they think that God has brought them right back to the states because that’s where they belong. I doubt it.

You remember the drowning guy joke? He calls out for God to help him while drowning and a boat comes to save him and he refuses it saying, “No thanks, God will save me.” He does this two more times and then drowns. He meets God in Heaven and asks why God didn’t save him. God answers, “I sent you three boats, why didn’t you get in.” That’s the joke I think of when I hear stories like the one about the family who refused their children healthcare because God would heal them of their pnuemonia. This happened twice. They lost one children while depending on this faith healing and were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Then they lost a second child after that and were charged with third degree murder.

I hope I don’t have to tell you why this is so twisted. God is not our puppet master. God has allowed us to have free will. Everything we do is not approved of by God, nor done by God. God expects you to do what is right with what we are given. Just because you can doesn’t mean you’re supposed to by God.

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