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Twisted Christianity: Why Pat Robertson is more dangerous than Westboro.

I think that if you asked them, most Christians would agree that our religion is being threatened. It comes down to who we believe it is being threatened by. Doubtless may would list anyone from: Westboro, Democrats, George W. Bush, Islam, our government, Pat Robertson and or Ann Coulter and the like. I have spent some of my own time calling out some of these people and groups. But today, it’s about more that them. It’s about our standards of calling wrong wrong, instead of wrong, but not as wrong. Sure, Westboro can make all the other offenders look like saints, but why would they be our standard? It’s easy to see that they are crazy. Christians, non-Christians everyone knows that the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t a legitimate representative of the Christian community. I encourage Christians to stand against their crazy actions and hateful words, but I now understand the danger of emphasizing Westboro over the ‘smaller’ offenders. When Pat Roberston tells a young man that perhaps his father doesn’t like his Mom anymore is because she may be ugly, or Ann Coulter says that ‘raping the earth’ is the biblical environmentalism, or any of the millions of other hurtful and ridiculous statements made by those who are actually looked up to. That’s the problem with setting our crazy standards on low, everyone seems sane in comparison. Our Christianity is being attacked most by those who call themselves Christians, people look up to, and are misusing our Bible to further their craziness. The lie that looks nonthreatening and can pass our consciousness without difficulty is the most dangerous. We are letting these and people like them speak for us without standing against them. We need to hold our standards higher than holding signs that say heinous things. The next time someone says: “Have you made an enemy for Christ lately?” Or tells people that Satanism and homosexuality go hand in hand and both were rampant in Hilter’s Germany. Or that Haiti brought the troubles on themselves. Or even mentions the Ham Myth. Raise the bar of our expectations and say something. In love, and with love pose some difficult questions and stand up against it. Make it a conversation. Don’t just let it pass by unattended. If we do not become the voice of change then it will only get worse, and Christ’s character is what is at stake.

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