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“Why is holding back, showing weakness?” Jon Stewart

Why indeed? Is it not easier for us to let our temper get out of control than to suppress it? Is it not easier to lash out rather than to step back and think? This is the kind of thing that our culture is teaching our children that I fear is promoting our ridiculous amounts of violence. We are not a culture that encourages people to think things through or to restrain itself when offended, but to lash out and prove our “strength.” It’s almost like our whole culture can’t get past that gym teacher stereotype that aggression is strength and restraint is showing weakness. Our whole culture from top down is based on the offense for offense rule. A country makes us angry we bomb them. A country doesn’t agree with us we shun them. How many times have we heard our politicians say, “We are going to carefully consider this and discuss it with them. We are going to try to work this out diplomatically. We will not enter into war lightly or because of a small disagreement.” I know I’ve never heard it. But the same kinds of statements are made by our Northern neighbors who do not feel the need to puff out their chests or stroke their egos by making war at the drop of a hat. We’re bullies. We’re the biggest bullies on the block, for now. And we’re creating bullies and we’re creating a violent culture. That’s the only trickle down I’ve ever seen the evidence of on the ground.

Start at 7.30min. But the whole thing is interesting.


One thought on ““Why is holding back, showing weakness?” Jon Stewart

  1. Doing a bit of reading on extroverts and introverts – seems to me that our culture’s high value of extroversion has blinded us on just how wonderfully diverse our options are.


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