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My atheist AHA moment.

Let me first say that I am speaking of the atheist who refuses to tolerate anyone else’s opinion, and does so on the grounds that what they believe is fact. The atheist who must change your mind. The one who is desperately trying to convert you to their beliefs. Yes, that statement may make blood boil. Oh well. The denial that circles of sociologists, theologians, and philosophers are debating and discussing the idea that atheism is a religion is still happening whether or not people who don’t want to hear it believe it or not. Just like global warming, refusal to talk about it don’t mean it ain’t happening. The atheist that is the python much like the fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and *insert any religious tradition is who I am discussing. The reason we can’t dialogue with them is because they feel that they have the ultimate Truth and all of it. In every conversation. Without the ability to recognize your own possible ignorance, there can be no dialogue. There is no humanity reflected in their eyes. My person-hood denied. There is only winning. There is no tolerance because tolerance would mean allowing the denial of ‘fact.’ It amazes me that among the many things I’ve noticed militant/fundamentalist atheist and fundamentalist religious folk have in common in the insistence on absolute and complete revelation of Truth.

That’s why nothing else can be tolerated. Shame really because, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~Socrates


3 thoughts on “My atheist AHA moment.

  1. That atheist sees the fundamentalist’s assertion of truth- creation 6000 years ago, a flood over the world- and judges all religion by that. How does he reach truth? By observation, hypothesising, confirming/ disproving the hypothesis. That method can reveal truth from quarks and galaxies, amino acids and sperm whales, truth about the mind and even religious practice: and shows there was no Flood, and the Universe is over ten billion years old.

    We still have the problem: how to indicate any part of truth beyond that, to someone who argues empirical observation shows truth, anything else shows delusion.

    It is much easier with the fundamentalist: there is a great deal of evidence that the world is over 6000 years old, and denials- “Satan buried the fossils to make people deny God”- can’t stand up forever. And yet, fundamentalism is difficult to dislodge,


  2. Dear Sacred Struggler,

    I was very disappointed to read this post.

    After several attempts to educate you, I was thrilled when you finally recognized the difference between FACT and OPINION.

    But I see you have regressed.

    Some people do not understand (or choose to disregard) objective definitions. Those are the people who insist that ‘atheism is a religion.’ You are, clearly, one of those misguided people. Not a single atheist is denying that people like you exist. We are well aware that these ‘debates’ and ‘discussions’ are taking place. So please stop making shit up about atheists. And stop twisting people’s words around to suit your own agenda.

    But to say “there is no humanity reflected in their eyes” reveals your true position. You are asking for respect and tolerance, yet your own hypocrisy is astounding.

    I am dumbfounded. This is precisely what Hitler thought of the Jews. He totally dehumanized them to justify the atrocities he committed.

    Shame, shame, shame on you for spreading such morally repugnant vitriol.


    • Why do you feel the need to cut off our conversation on your own site and then bring the exact same thing here? You’re stuck sweetie. Get the Fonz to bump you into saying something different. I think I’ve made it clear that my opinions are not going to change. You say you want me to speak for myself but continue to try to beat me into your little automaton.

      Reducing complex ideas and schools of thought to a simple and completely ridiculous example of fruit debate is disgusting. People have been discussing and building frameworks of thought for millennia, reducing that to a watermelon shows how far out of your depth you are.

      You making a decision when you were a child and telling me that my position is inferior because I allow it to evolve when I encounter wise and learned men and women is preposterous.

      And reflection happens when the thing being reflected is outside of the reflector. Therefore, if you re-read you ‘ll see that I was accusing you of not being able to see my humanity.

      Lastly, I have explained to you how I came to my personal beliefs and opinions on my own. I have offered my empirical evidence. I have offered the many people that I respect that offer the logical arguments that you seem to think that I lack. Yet, you continue to insult me for my beliefs. There is nothing that I can say or do to help you see me as a person with valid opinions. And that’s not my fault.

      Now it’s my turn to turn your comments off.


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