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Not a meltdown kid.

??????????????????????????????????????I’m a tss. Therapuetic support staff. I work with kids who have behavioral disorders or intellectual disabilities with problem behaviors. Last year I started working with a meltdown kid. Three days a week at least in the 10 hours I spent with him, he had a meltdown. I mean a crying, yelling, throw himself down- meltdown. Everyday this past summer at camp was a meltdown day. Sometimes several times a day  we had a big meltdown. I remember being extremely angry when I walked into one summer camp and one of the counselor said loudly to another one, “Oh my word! I remember him. I am so glad he’s not with me this year.” He was a meltdown kid and everyone knew it. After tons of working together, consistency, and even causing some meltdowns myself; we’re here. We’re out on the playground and I am listening to his teacher talk to another teacher. They are talking about meltdowns. The other teacher asks how my meltdown kid is in her class. She replies, “Oh no, he’s not a meltdown kid.” My smile was so huge you can’t even imagine. He’s not a meltdown kid. She may not have any idea how far we’ve come or how much work we really had to put in to get here, but that’s okay. It was all made worth it when she told someone else that he wasn’t a meltdown kid. Nothing can make a tss happier than having someone tell someone else that the problems we work so hard on, aren’t the defining factor for that child. I am so proud of him, and a little proud of me too.

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