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The War on Christmas in a Kindergarten Classroom

“Well I saw the real Santa and he’s white.” One kid told another while they were coloring Santa’s skin on a worksheet. The other child had colored Santa’s skin brown and I’d smiled to myself and thought, “See Megan Kelly, kid’s don’t care what color Santa’s skin is.” How wrong I was. The commenting kiddo seemed to care a great deal what color Santa’s skin is. At this very moment, I decided if my kids were going to believe in Santa I would teach them that no one could see Santa and even though Santa lets a lot of people dress up like him no one knows what he really looks like. The truth is I never would’ve guessed that kids in kindergarten would care at all about the color of Santa’s skin. I always thought that later, had they been taught to over time, it may matter; but at five years old, I didn’t think it would at all. And I never would guessed that i would even need a strategy to teach my kids about Santa. For crying out loud, this is crazy.

On the Huff Post Live, they have offered a commercial solution that I found quite interesting. They mentioned that we should just pay Coca-Cola to run more Santa ads and that could change the perception of Santa. I mean, did you know that until the 1930’s Santa wore any color he wanted? Coca-Cola ads were so pervasive that now we pretty much only see Santa in red and white. They literally changed the way the world saw Santa. It seems to me they could easily do it again. But the other side of me says, Santa has been white since his inception, so why change to change what is? That’s akin to lying isn’t it? In the end, I’ve decided that Santa is a mythical being. He’s the Father of a ton of cute stories and who really cares. One comment from a five year old boy with a slight tone of bitterness and I’m on my blog actually theorizing about the “Santa problem.” Now I’m Megan Kelly. Jeez

Another debate that kept coming up as the holiday season came nearer was the presents vs Jesus debate. This one got heated among the kiddos. Sometimes one would talk about what they looked forward to getting for Christmas and another would glare at them and say: “Presents aren’t what Christmas is all about! I know the reason for the season.” This would sometimes lead into a little debate ending with the child who’d mention presents shrugging their shoulders and keeping quiet. You guys know me, I immediately begin to agonize over the way we are raising our children to talk about Christ in such an aggressive manner. Our kids are already shutting people down at five years old. What’s wrong with us people???? We shouldn’t be teaching our children that when we talk about Christ it needs to be with a gruff voice or a complete lack of give and take in the conversation. And yes, we are teaching our kids to talk just like that. We model and they do. I can’t tell you how many times I have realized the tone in which I say something until I hear my kiddo say it back to me the same way.

That’s the real war on Christmas. It’s whether or not we teach our kids everyday to be gracious, loving, and compassionate witnesses of Christ. It’s that Christ is being taught in name only. It’s that just saying that Jesus is the reason for the season is no where near enough. It’s that our kids are shutting out their peers and only showing that if you don’t agree then you’re wrong. It’s that we’re already teaching our kids to breed resentment in Christ because of the hostility we use to tell people about him. That’s the real war on Christmas and it’s being fought in kindergarten classrooms across our nation.

4 thoughts on “The War on Christmas in a Kindergarten Classroom

  1. I have been perusing the comments about the Duck bloke. He said homosexuality leads to bestiality, and, well, no. Yet there are so many blogs supporting him, from Christians, because he is “saying what Christians believe”. They talk about the “Culture war”, and-

    yes. Thank you for sharing this. It needs better publicised.


    • It’s quite sad to me that we, American Christian as a horde, seem to have shoved aside true role models for these pundits and hicks who love to hate and love to judge. They are nothing like Christ, nothing! But because they claim to be Christians, Christians in general cling to solidarity and rise up to support the good and evil these people do. I don’t get it!!


    • As an aside, it really pisses me off the happy little slave crap and the homosexuality leads to bestiality stuff. A monogamous homosexual relationship has nothing to do with deviance! I wish I could force people to see a homosexual relationship because if they could see it, I don’t see how they can deny the love and the likeness to heterosexual relationships. I feel like if they weren’t so scarcely observed people would stop being able to insist that homosexual relationships have anything in common with deviance.


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