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Why Easter is my least favorite holiday.

After four years of putting it off, I finally went to my parents church to see their infamous Easter play. No, it’s not little kids singing off key, that would be cute! Their Easter play is reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ. A full reenactment. First, Christ walks around blessing people and preventing a woman from being killed. He gets disappointed in His disciples for falling asleep. They betray Him and then the really “cool” part starts. Christ is covered in bloody looking paint and led down the church aisle as people from the rest of the cast whip, curse, and yell at Him. Then, they lie him on the ground and nail Him to the cross complete with some screaming and really loud banging noises. Next they lift the cross to display Christ who hangs on the cross for our entertainment. At then end, He does rise from the dead and everybody’s happy. Everyone that is except me.

Don’t get me wrong I love that Christ rose from the dead, but all I can think about is the two little kids, perhaps 3 and 5 years old, who were hiding their faces during the play. I was thinking about how my Dad told me that the play was pretty “neat.” I was lost in the disgust of people who didn’t have to hide their faces from the scenes portrayed before us with such conviction. I was not happy.

Just like with 9/11 and the Holocaust, and wars and other real deaths in general, I feel no need to relive the events in minute detail. I think planning a play like that can suck the sacred right out of it. Christ would moan here and scream there. Christ don’t forget to be compassionate. Christ you should wince away from the whipping. Doesn’t it make the blood look realistic if we use this color light? Uh. Some things shouldn’t be made into entertainment. Some things should always escape the grasp production value. Some things should be kept sacred because some things don’t need to be seen to be felt, to be believed. Some things no one should have to live through seeing.

His dying isn’t entertainment and His living is the true joy.

4 thoughts on “Why Easter is my least favorite holiday.

  1. This post has stopped me. Easy to agree, easy to draw objection – all in all so easy to add my words. Yet none of them work for me. Each opinion has an opposite. Each thought has another. And that is why I want to simply say Thank You. For presenting me with something I can neither agree nor disagree. The result being I continue thinking, and mulling – and referring back to the lord. That is powerful. That is loving.


  2. I was going to challenge you until you said “some things do not need to be seen to be felt, to be believed”. It is a judgment: you certainly do not need to see them like this. I do not know if it would make it more real for me.


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