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It’s Obama’s fault!!!


  1. It’s Obama’s fault that CT has changed their gun laws and no longer allow people to carry/own magazines above 10 rounds.
  2. It’s Obama’s idea that a union in TN has petitioned for a Muslim holiday off because that’s how Sharia law is being forced on us.
  3. It’s Obama’s fault that your insurance company won’t pay for your medicine.
  4. It’s Obama’s fault that you got fired from your job because you didn’t go because you didn’t have a ride.
  5. It’s Obama’s fault people think he’s Muslim.
  6. It’s Obama’s fault that oil prices are so high.
  7. “It’s Obama’s fault there takin our jobs!”
  8. It’s Obama’s fault that medicaid doesn’t cover your father.
  9. It’s Obama’s fault that you’re not getting a tip.
  10. It’s Obama’s fault that Putin is alive and conquering.

obama's faultLet’s talk about this…..

  1. No it’s not. It’s called states rights. Your governor made that law, not Obama.
  2. No it’s not. Our country has a little thing called religious freedom and the right to form a union. If a country of people of the people by the people and for the people have a majority of people who want off for a particular reason and lobby for it, that’s called exercising the constitution. And ps. Obama’s isn’t in charge of a Tyson factory.
  3. No it’s not. It’s your insurance company’s fault. Obama’s the one who helped amke sure that you could have insurance to complain about.
  4. Seriously? Get a ride.
  5. Seriously? It’s also Mrs. Obama’s fault that people say she was waving the Communist flag instead of a red ribbon.
  6. No it’s not. We only get taxed standard state decided sales tax. Obama’s trying to get our dependence on oil down.
  7. No it’s not. Learn how to spell and write and perhaps people will hire you.
  8. No it’s not. If your state voted to expand medicaid he’d be covered.
  9. No it’s not. Tip your awesome waitress, if you don’t you’re the reason they didn’t get a tip.
  10. Okay it is. The American President should forget about helping the American people, so that we can kill mean people full time. syria

Once again, I thank Obama for the actual contributions made to mine and my families lives.

Thank you for keeping my parents in their home.
Thank you for helping my Dad get the skills needed so he could get a different job after the only job he’s ever known laid him off permanently. Thank you for my job. If McCain won all non-profits paid for through government agencies would have been shut down.
Thank you for my father-in-law’s job, for the same reason.
Thank you for preventing my in-laws from dipping into their retirements to pay their bills.
Thank you for finally allowing my Mom the ability to walk away from workman’s comp and get health insurance of her own volition.
Thank you for getting us out of Iraq and saving friends of mine’s lives by doing so.
Thank you for catching Bin Laden. Now we can rest easy and Muslims can start to heal after their religion was highjacked.
Thank you for the high mileage my husband and I’s cars get.
Thank you for being diplomatic, for letting people say all these things and not resorting to the same crap.
Thank you for making the USA look good for a change.
And while it’s still fresh in my mind, thank you for the biggest refund check we have ever gotten!!!


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