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It’s amazing how love folds and stretches.marcel proust
How it shifts gears so quickly when you need it to.
It bends and molds and changes
But it never ever breaks.

Every day love can be new and different
But it never dissolves.
It’s not concerned with merit,
It’s not affected by proximity,
It’s not dissuaded by hurt or self-interest

It’s such a scary thing to think that you can check out, but never really leave.
It’s hard to understand the whys and hows of the back and forth.
But it’s obvious that it is, was and will be.
Always will be.
But will it be mutual?
A rubber band
It pulls you in when you walk away and lets you go when you get close,
And all of that will never change
But will it be bilateral?

This time, next time, now, later, or never again
Will it be reciprocal?

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