Two years and 300 posts

This free therapy has helped immensely. I am thankful that I have encountered some people that I feel are kindred spirits. Sometimes they are they only people who give me hope for the future of this faith. Thanks for challenging me, questioning me, and following along as I have changed and grown over the past two years. My hope is that this remains honest. And as it remains honest it remains mine. And that I remain whole. Wholly failing, confused, and searching. Wholly honest. Only in wholeness can we really approach a genuine faith. In leaving nothing out, I still hope to create a space where those who fail can still feel camaraderie with people of faith. After all, who doesn’t fail? And aren’t those who fail the ones that Christ seeks out for His own? At the same time, I feel the weight of expectation for being one blessed to have been raised in the knowledge of Christ. And with those expectations, I beg that any who read this hold me accountable. Not to the church, not to tradition, but to the love of Christ.
Thanks for sticking with it ya’ll.

One thought on “Two years and 300 posts

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