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Marriage is a Religious Institution, eh?

It occurred to me commenting on another blog that people may not even know that a liberal Christianity exists. One page said that a celebrity left Christianity because she had a crush on a bi-sexual man and the church didn’t approve. I posted that she should have tried a different denomination if that was the only reason. I mentioned that the UCC in North Carolina is suing the state for the right to marry gay couples, why? Because marriage is a religious institution and the state not allowing them to perform marriages is an infringement on their religious freedom. I immediately got a comment back saying, no way. So I posted this article.

Christianity is dynamic. The arguments that some wrongly use to exclude, others use to include. I just want people to know that these different sides exist. The Christianity you see on FoxNews is not the be all end all of Christianity. (At the very least, I hope not!!) I know, I don’t spend much time defending the church in word, but sometimes I just have to. Someone, lots of someones have to try to save the church from itself.

5 thoughts on “Marriage is a Religious Institution, eh?

  1. Sadly, liberal Chrstianity rarely makes the news. Tolerance and love don’t make the headlines like hatred and exclusion.

    I know, as a member of the LGBT community, that it can be difficult to accept any form of Christianity because of traumas created by conservative Christians.

    I have had to learn to not make snap judgments and generalizations about Christians. There are bad seeds all over this world and they plant themselves in groups that have wonderful intentions. The message so often ends up getting twisted.


    • I apologize. To be honest, you’d be right more than wrong with your snap judgements. And I am sorry that is the case. All I can say is I hope to change it. For Christ’s sake literally, I hope I and others in the faith can change it.

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  2. Interesting. A friend said to me a while back that while she as a christian didn’t believe in gay marriage, she supported the right of LGBT couples to marry because marriage was now a secular/state institution. So it will be interesting how this court case turns out.


    • Either way, the legal aspect is locked up. Either it’s purely secular and they have to justify stopping it legally or it’s a religious institution and they have no right to stop it. I love it when the church works within the system for their beliefs. Though I don’t liken this movement with race, this reminds me of the churches actions in the civil rights movement.

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