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Slippery-Slope Syndrome

You’ve heard it repeated endlessly. It’s just a slippery slope from this to that. It’s that diplomatic way of saying “Well, I can’t find a good reason to object to that any longer, so I’ll blame it on what could possibly happen, but isn’t happening now.” We hear it with charity, gay rights, politics, drugs, all manner of issues. Don’t be fooled. It’s fear-mongering. Plain and simple fear-mongering. If you’re in fear of a slippery slope that you could fall down, just remember: if you’re can slip down the mountain, you’re already on the higher ground. The higher the ground you stand on, the farther down a slope you have the potential to fall. There is no plateau. There is only the summit, the slope, and the valley. So, don’t abandon the high ground to slum on the bottom to avoid any chance of a slippery slope. Dig your heels in. Brave that slippery slope with the satisfaction of knowing that the only place without the possibility of falling is the bottom of a slippery slope!


2 thoughts on “Slippery-Slope Syndrome

  1. You don’t understand the slippery slope, so you assume no one else does either. Wickedness and evil are like a boa constrictor. You never see it until it’s too late. Satan masquerades as a do-gooder, all the while seducing the ignorant into a position in which catastrophic destruction will surely finish them off.

    That’s why it’s a sin to vote for a candidate who supports elective surgical abortion. A nation is judged by what it permits. Those who fail to speak out against leftist politicians shall share in their punishment!


    • You don’t understand a logical fallacy so you assume I am not talking about one and talk about something you believe you do understand.

      Christ doesn’t respect party lines. Let’s not make our party, or our country our god.


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