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Blue/ Black vs White/Gold and God’s Word

“I’ve figured it out!” she exclaimed. “You know you guys were talking about how God can be all-knowing, all-powerful, and good? Well, I figured it out!” I snapped right in to judgmental mode. How special you must be to think you’ve got it all figured out. So after she told me how she made sense of it: ever changing predestination, I told her that I thought it was great that she had figured it out for herself. She continued to tell me that, “No, I asked God to tell me the answer and this is what came to me.” Centuries of world’s greatest theologians have puzzled and theorized and theodicized for naught! All they had to do was ask God to tell them! Why didn’t any them think of that?

Okay, I should have seen it coming. During the casual discussion, she told me that the only reason people ever believe in predestination is because they don’t read the Bible. My uncle and I kept the conversation flowing in our direction by politely dismissing her statement saying that each person needs to find their own solutions to important questions. That’s often not enough of a dismissal. The idea that the Bible can be read differently by different people and perhaps neither view is wrong, is a slippery slope that, like so many others, some people can’t bear to stand on. If two conflicting views could both be correct, then there is no way to discern between right and wrong. It will never end. People could use the Bible for Anything! I fear that we’ve forgotten the purpose of the Bible. The Purpose of God’s Word is not to make everyone agree on one school of thought. Not to subdue the Other. Not to cause superiority in one’s own theology.

The purpose of God’s Word is to reveal God. To point us to God. Just as we can look at that damn dress and see it as blue and black or white and gold; not everyone sees God the same way. Not everyone can see God through the same lenses, along the same avenue. We each have different needs to be met by God. We each have different questions that need to be answered. What we really need to focus on is not who is right about the way we see things, but whether or not God is revealed by the perspective that we have. Can you see God through those eyes? If you can see God through those eyes, if they can see God through those eyes, then you’re doing it right.

As she finished explaining it to me, I begin to envy her. She knows how she sees God. She’s sure the eyes that she needs to see her God are working. Is God’s Word’s purpose fulfilled in me? Does it reveal God to me the way that it reveals God to her? I told her again that I am so glad she has found her answer. We exchange well wishing and love and I hang up. And I wonder, can I see God through these eyes?

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