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Who’s the master here?

As most of you know, my blog is anonymous. I’ve never and will never connect my name to it. I have on occasion, however, told some friends about it (3) and allowed people to read particular articles from it, not knowing that they were mine. For those of you following longer than others, you’ll remember that I said there were very few people (2) capable of finding my blog should they care enough and neither of them did… until now.

Seeing your email as I scroll through my followers list, I go through a range of emotions in quick succession. The ones that stick are amusement, embarrassment, and annoyance.

Amusement: “That’s hilarious. I discourage (because I know better than to tell you) not to read around, so instead you decide to follow my blog. Rather than rooting around for a night, you’re going to get an email every time I publish something. Oh shit.” Which triggers embarrassment.

Embarrassment: “Oh jeez, I should go back through and double check everything to make sure nothing is too open. No, wait a second, this blog is the only place that I have ever been so transparent; I don’t want to lose that. I mean, I’d always intended for you to read this at some point. But if I had to pick a point, now would at the bottom of an extensive list.” Which triggers, annoyance.

Annoyance: “When I actually wanted you to read what I write, when it mattered, you wouldn’t do it. As a result, this time I didn’t think twice about sending you a link to one post because you’ve never cared to search any further before. Of course that’s the way it goes. Timing has never been your strong suit.” End silent internal rant.

Just like I’ve told the people who would have me change something because it’s got profanity, or it’s not the right kind of Christian, or I’m not taking my ‘responsibility’ seriously enough, I have to tell myself this time:

Whatsoever is honest.
Whatsoever is honest.
Honesty is the master here.

the-lust-for-comfort-that-stealthy-_khalil-gibran-quoteWelcome friend.

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