B-More: How to keep the fire burning.

When the very authority you are trying to push to change demands non-violence, it becomes compliance to do the right thing. How do we stand up in non-compliance and still remain non-violent?

Baltimore is teetering on the edge of something that could be great. A week of peaceful protests and nobody cared. A night of violent outbursts fueled by the freshness of the funeral and the O’s whipping the Sox’ tushies, and every eye is on Baltimore. It’s interesting isn’t it that no one cares when no one’s getting hurt. But is the solution then to do the hurting? As Christians, I believe we can in no way support that. Understand it, yes. Support it, no. But now because the violence has broken out and the powers that be have demanded a stop in the violence, to do the right thing is to obey. This is a problem because when you are facing injustice, you need to have the moral upper hand and you need to come against injustice. A successful movement really can’t exist without both. From this point forward how can Baltimore do what is right, without being obedient?

Clean up the mess left by looters.
Baltimore is your town. The neighborhoods being torn apart are you neighborhoods. The damage done is done to you. It got out of hand, for understandable reasons to be sure, but now it’s time to do it better. You are being heard. Clean up the neighborhood and start anew.

Defy the curfew.
Want to cause a ruckus without being violent? Defy the curfew in droves, peacefully. Walk in the streets and sing. Sit on the sidewalks and talk. Fill the city with civil disobedience. Fill it with the love I know Baltimore is full of. Fill it with the knowledge and consideration that it sometimes lacks. But don’t you obey.

Shut down the streets with volume.
Keep disrupting the flow of the city with protests. Don’t be afraid to block traffic in huge groups. Be safe though. Give the cameras something to see and the country a reason to complain about it. Get everybody talking about why this is still going on.

Make life inconvenient.
Put what’s going on in everyone’s face. Grocery stores, the airport, the political buildings. Make music. Make noise. Have a seat in the way. Lie down in the way. Have a rally in the way. Get in the way.

Be safe Baltimore. Keep some basic first aid on you. Don’t hurt, don’t get hurt, but damn it make some noise!

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