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B-More: The Fire Burns, Six Officers Charged, One Young Man Scapegoated

City prosecutor Mosby has charged six police officers in the case of Freddie Gray’s murder. The police officer who drove the police van was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, second-degree assault, two vehicular manslaughter charges and misconduct in office. Three other involved officers were charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office And the final two were charged with second-degree assault and misconduct in office and one of those was also charged with false imprisonment. Freddie Gray did not have a switchblade. He was arrested for no reason the only thing they could have charged him with was failure to obey or perhaps resisting arrest (even though they had no reason to arrest him in the first place). Even still the police union is insisting the men did nothing wrong. In the meantime, Allen Bullock who turned himself in for smashing police car windows was charged with inciting the riot at Mondawmin Mall as well as malicious property destruction. They are trying to make an example of him by setting his bail at 500k. He could get between four and eight years for his role in the riot. His parents, who encouraged him to turn himself in, now regret that. We’ve also seen some other injustice over the past couple days.

  • Over 250 people illegally detained without being charged or having bail set.
  • Allen Bullock charged with eight counts of misdemeanors including malicious destruction of property and rioting. His bail was set at 500k while Goodson (the officer charged with 2nd degree murder etc) had a bail of only 350k. What the fuck?!
  • Kevin Moore (man who filmed Freddie’s arrest) was arrested and held without cause.
  • Local Activist Joseph Kent arrested and held without charge.
  • Hundreds arrested around the country for mirror protests.

You guys know me. You know how much I oppose violent revolution and I still do. But damn it Baltimore, smash some stuff! You can buy new shit, you can’t buy a life and apparently you’re going to have to fight for every single innocent life in your city. In doing so, you fight for every life in the country. Protect life, riot like crazy! But do be prepared to pay for what you do. No one is above the law. Pack your toothbrush and defy that fucking curfew! Sources: Kevin Moore ArrestedOfficers charged Public defender on 250 detainees Picture is of Allen Bullock

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