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What I’m for

This blog has become a place to blow of steam. I tend to write an awful lot more when I am in some kind of emotional upheaval. Again and again, I find myself writing about the negatives and the criticisms. Well, that’s getting a little depressing and I have a ton to be thankful for right now. My family is well. My friend relationships are well. My child is well. And Christianity isn’t a total loss (best I can do).

Once I wrote a post about all things I feel get in the way of Christianity today. The fact that most people know what Christians are against instead of what we’re for, is one that saddens me greatly. Sometimes I think that I’m not making much difference in the way of that as I often post my complaints.

Same thing goes with my relationships. I so often write about the hard times that it may appear that there are no good times. That couldn’t be more false. Happiness, joy and love are easily coped with and when I experience them, I often don’t want to write. The same can be said for boredom. When I am just floating along, I don’t need to write. It’s when I am jarred into life that I find myself writing. And that’s often when I’m angry or sad or passionately agitated.

This is a very long winded way of saying that I am going to be taking a little time to focus, hard, on the positive. I have focused on the confusion and the questions and the anguish for a long time. Let’s talk about the joy and the answers and what I am for. Where do I stand in all of this discussion? And where do I stand in my life? Hint: it’s a good place!

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