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WGAL has a saying, “Turn around, don’t drown!” I got an email with this is the tagline one year and couldn’t stop laughing. But I hear it in my head whenever the roadway is covered and the water is rushing. It’s a pretty effective warning. And intuitive, but necessary. How many people do you see standing on their cars in the middle of the river? They thought they could make it. They thought they could handle it. Should’ve turned around.

A couple years ago, we had these awful floods in this area. It wasn’t a couple days of a lot of rain. It was many days of a little rain and a lot of snow melting. The flood happened so fast though. On my way to work there was a stream with a log in it over the road. There were school buses on the other side. The water rose so fast that cars could get into the school, but couldn’t get out. It was so odd. It wasn’t raining that hard, but all of the sudden I couldn’t get to work and I couldn’t get home. All the roads home were closed, covered, or had tow trucks seeking whom they may tow next beside them. I remember telling a friend that I’d rather have too much snow because you can push it out, out of the way. You can’t push water. You just have to wait until it dissipates. You have to wait until it soaks back into the earth. It’s always there though isn’t it? The rivers and streams under the surface biding their time until the next flood. I had dreams for weeks about driving down a road that I drive down all the time and all the sudden I was in a rushing river. Stuck in my car just waiting for the water to soak back into the ground and leave me alone so I could go home.

“You can’t push a river.
You can’t make me fall.
But you can make me unreachable.”

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