Are You Mocked Because of Jesus or Because You’re a Jerk?

To all the spoiled brat Christians who think persecution is not hearing Merry Christmas in Walmart.

David Hershey

When I was in college I bought a shirt that said, “Jesus is Not For Everyone, He’s Just for Those who Want to Go to Heaven.”

Yes, I actually paid money for a shirt that said that.  I purchased it at Creation Festival, a weekend dedicated to getting thousands of youth fired up about God.  It worked on me, I was fired up and wanted to express my passion via shirt and this was the best one, I guess, that I could find.

I think I only wore it a couple of times because even as I bought it, I knew it was kind of an awful message to walk around with on my shirt.  The very day I got home I wore it to the movies where I was meeting some of my buddies and they rolled their eyes at me.  Another one of the few times…

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