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Rising tide lifts all boats

In comes the tide
And higher and higher I go with it
But always waiting for it go out again
What will it leave behind?

The shells of those who didn’t make it
The doomed
And the damned
Remain on the shore.

One night on the beach
The tide went out
And with a flashlight in the pitch black
I found a perfect sand dollar.
What are the odds?

Will my empty shells uplift?

Even if this tide rolls out,
While it’s here it lifts us all.
Even if this tide leaves parts of me stranded,
I am whole while it remains.
And even when the tide goes out,
I’ll always know it’ll come back in again.

This vast ocean will feel full again.
And though it may feel smaller,
And though it may recede- contract,
It will never empty.

We were wrong.
Not a pool, an ocean.

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