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Saying what was meant

And if we saw that in each other’s eyes… would we be okay?

“For a moment time would stand still, it would continue once we parted ways…we would be ok in that timeless moment, but afterwards would be a mess…”

The physicality of time and how not scary your own is.
The thought of looking at each other
Nope… Don’t see it.
Not wanting to say yes,
Not wanting to hide from you.
Past punishments pushed aside
Hoping against hope that all you wanted was to say hi.
But knowing. Kind of not really
But almost knowing, and refusing to believe it.

The attitude I give you because I’m never more in my element
Than when I’m teasing you.
Skip over the most scary,
We’ll discuss that later.

It’s the epitome of bittersweet.
The embodiment of that out of body relation.

Together, home.
I found a place exactly like the clearing at our greenhouse.
It smells like frogs
And sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who can enjoy that.
And I sat down there
Lied down in the grass
And let that day wash over me.
But only one thing lasts forever and that is not it.

Do we hide?
“I already know
It creeps up once and a while,
You swat it away
Like it’s nothing
You know it’ll be back,
And you’re alright with that,
Because someday,
You’ll want to entertain the thought,
So you allow it to exist, but just at a distance.”
Like it’s nothing
At a distance.

I can even see how you’d hold your hands.
In split seconds,
Just like that,
Our whole life laid out before us.
You are a Tralfamadorian.
God, sometimes it stuns me just how beautiful you are to me.
I wonder if you can feel that…
Is it weird that I assume you can feel that?

And after you read that,
Once you know what I am talking about
And how I see you.
If you’re re-traumatized,
I’ll make it up to you.
A promise that I am anything but scared to keep.
But if you are,
Before I can,
Think of nights like this one
When we’re at the same place, on the same page.
Painless but perhaps just a little bittersweet.

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