Politics / Violence

Not One More: Evidence of a (Not) Free Country

Deven Guilford was another unarmed teen who was shot to death by a police officer. Guilford was pulled over without an infraction. He was refused his constitutional rights. He was tasered, and then shot seven times. The police officer was deemed justified in the courts, thus far because he had bruises from a struggle. I have no sympathy, no understanding, no excuse for this kind of death. Officer Frost is a murderer.

You all know that I used to be a tss (working with kids with behavioral disorders). I have been shoved, pinched to black and blue, had my arm slammed in a door, slapped, kicked, and choked by kids that are my size and larger, some much larger. I have seen my kids flip a refrigerator, snap legs off of tables, jump from second story windows, and that is just the beginning. I was lucky. I was part of an agency where we could touch the kids. We could restrain them to prevent them from harming themselves, but that’s it. I was choked and had my head smashed into a cement wall by a client who was six inches taller and weighed a hundred pounds more than me. Yes, I had bruises on my neck. You could see every finger. I did not shoot this client, and it didn’t even occur to me. I had training, and I seamlessly followed it. They specifically trained us for every kind of release including choking. They even trained how not to hurt our clients in anyway shape or form while gaining release. This took one day a year, just 6-8 hours depending on how quickly you picked it up.

You’re telling me that a trained police officer has no other alternative than to taser and shoot a kid half his size seven times for being a smart ass? Yes, that kid had an attitude. Oh God, an attitude! How can one deal with an attitude when your pride has been bruised by a kid demanding his constitutional rights? He had no other alternative than to shoot him seven times. And they say, he had THC in his system, as if finding an infraction worth citation after the fact can justify his death.

Friends of mine are making excuses for the officer. The kid should have been compliant. The kid shouldn’t have flashed the officer to let him know his lights were bright. The kid should have just shut up and submitted. The truth is that this kid was sentenced to death without the constitutional right to trial for being a smart ass, or as I like to call demanding his constitutional rights! This is a supreme court issue, not a petty internal investigation issue. How many more have to die before we realize that what’s being denied is freedom of speech, the right to know why you’re being arrested, the right to fair trial? How many more have to die because people refuse to be arrested for nothing? Who’s going to fix this?

“On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.”

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