Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

There are 15% of law enforcement agents and public servants who wake up everyday ready to uphold the responsibility of their position behave rightly. There are 15% of public servants and law enforcement agents who wake up intending to serve their own interests despite the legality and morality of doing so. The remaining 70% wakes up in a conditional state of intention. They will evaluate the situation and determine whether it’s wise and beneficial for them to do their jobs or to accept corruption. This is what the authors of The Locust Effect say studies have shown. We have 70% of people who everyday wake up ready to do what is most beneficial. What are making most beneficial for them?

There is a disease spreading through our country. This petulant insistence that people don’t need to do their job if they disagree with your opinion or lifestyle. It’s come from the top down and people are beginning to fight their own well-being arguing about for people’s right to be an asshole. Remember when Republicans shut down the government because they didn’t want to do their job. They didn’t want to compromise, they refused to do their job because they can’t get their way. In the process, they put federal employees out of work as well, but the vast majority of them continued to draw a paycheck and not do a damn thing. This was a demonstration of exactly how far the corruption has come. But now we can the affects of this attitude leaking downward.

Kim Davis who refused to sign marriage licenses and tells her staff not to as well.  She was the first big story to demonstrate how it was trickling down into the rest of our system. Smaller public servants believing that they only need to serve the public when it agrees with their sensibilities. She refused to do her job because she didn’t like the way other people were living their lives.

The latest showed me so plainly that this attitude has leaked down through our system and into law enforcement. Police boycotting Beyonce’s Miami concert (and now perhaps the nation) illustrated that even people who have sworn to protect the lives of the people of this country can decide who’s lives they choose to protect. If they piss you off, you don’t have to keep them safe.

We were angry about the shutdown. Many people wanted to fire Congress members. People were annoyed with Kim Davis, maybe a few were angry, but with Beyonce the general sentiment is that she is rich, and should hire security for herself and her concerts. The problem is that the Beyonce thing should be the most alarming. The idea that you don’t have to serve a specific person just because they said something that has offended you undermines the very integrity of the police force. I can’t believe that police officers are coming out in a rage!!

Kim Davis, Congress, and police officers are public servants. They serve us. They don’t get to choose whether they have to do their job based on how they feel about our opinions. They agreed to serve the public. Beyonce pays taxes to be free, to be protected, to be safe. The police don’t get to choose who to save and who not based on their opinions. Do we not see the dangerous corruption involved here?

Not only does it seem to me that most of the US doesn’t see the problem here, but they actually argue in favor of these people to forsake their duties. I see people making excuses instead of trying to keep people accountable. I see people painting with a broad brush and misunderstand the intentions of the criticism of these actions. When corruption is discussed, for some reason, most people think that you are condemning an entire entity. We saw it with the Iraq war. When people call out Bush’s lies, people rose up in droves to demand we respect our troops. When we (and Beyonce) call out the police officers who are corrupt, we are met with people demanding that if we “hate the police then they don’t need to serve us.’ That is the message of this refusal to work at Beyonce’s concert. But don’t be mistaken, the people calling out the corruption understand just how very important it is to have these services and have them be functioning properly. Beyonce does not hate the police, she wants them to do their damn job. In response to her call, they instead sit down on their asses like little children refusing to fulfill their jobs until she quits demanding they do their job well.

The book that I have been listening to in my car discusses the corruption in law enforcement across the world. We are very fortunate that we feel relatively safe. We are fortunate that when we have an emergency we dial 911 and believe that our problems will be dealt with quickly and with urgency. But if you pay attention to trends and attitudes carefully, you’ll see that we are becoming more and more corrupt. People will lose faith in law enforcement. People will start to take matters into their own hands. People will start to trust gangs to protect them before the cops. It’s starting with our poor. People getting $2,40016,000 (and billions more) stolen from people for no reason. Children shot and no consequences in sight. Public servants don’t get to decide who they serve, who they prosecute, who dies. They are overstepping and now they are sending the message loud and clear that if you step out of line, even with a dance move, you won’t be protected by them.

For those who haven’t seen it. Please listen to the words.

And last on the tongue and in the mind,
Let’s say the names of the children:

Tamir Rice
Michael Brown

Trayvon Martin
Andy Lopez
Kimani Gray
Devon Guilford

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