Addiction / First love / Life / Thoughts

Next stage

This is my process.
Tried and true and dependably mine.
Each step is one I’ve walked before if not more slowly and more quickly at the the same time right now.
I’ll skip the emptiness thank you.
I’ve too much life to live to not be present in it.
I’d rather feel it.
When you have children, lives depending on you, life goes on as it must.
So I take this next step forward.
You moved forward right?
Back to pretending,
Doesn’t sound like forward.
That’s how we move.
How I move.
Back and forth, wish I could skip the back.
I don’t need this.
Argue it out without a word,
That’s what’s in my head.
The wordless argument,
But it’s whatever right now.
I’mma smile because I can.
I’m not going to analyze it, or wonder where it’s coming from.
I got this.
This is my process.
This is where it’s at right now.
Won’t last long.




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