Generosity of Spirit

A family I used to work with is quite colorful. The mother has a New Year tradition of going outside at midnight and dropping her pants, telling the old year to kiss her butt. This year, I have joined her in spirit. In reality, I was in my pjs headed for bed, but in my mind I was kissing this year goodbye. This coming year has tons of changes packed into it, not least of which is finally moving out of pa permanently, unlike my brief stay in Baltimore. Whenever I go to a new place or enter a new phase, I always think things will be different. And most times, if I want them to be, they are. Each new place has allowed me room to fully experience a different aspect of my personality. In this new place, during this new phase, I want to allow my generosity to blossom. We have more than enough to go around, and I don’t want to accumulate but give out. So this new year, this new place, I just want to be generous, inconveniently, sacrificially, impossibly lovingly generous. This will be the year of faith in action. I want to walk in step with my God, not by belief, which is weakest, but by serving the weakest.

Complaints, Compliments and Questions

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