My ‘Spread the Happy’ Venture

After my failure at operating Thetan, I began a new venture. Though I have continued to read dianetics, I get nothing from it other than an annoyance with his penchant to define everyday words. I took the Scientology test, but apparently I need to go to a Scientology church to get the results and the nearest one to me is an hour and a half drive. Yes, that’s doable on a long term scale, it’s not doable right now. In the meantime, I have begun another undertaking. A few months ago, I met some super kind ladies at Monkey Joe’s thanks to my awesome citations. I feel so lucky to have them in my circle and giving out the citations has been so fun and brought me so much joy, why not keep doing it?

Today I sat down with a packet of paper leaves of many assorted colors and styles and added to the back some of my favorite quotes, an uplifting message or general encouragement. The only way I truly feel joy is by giving it away. I am selfishly hoping that I am going to get a little joy spread back on me. This is my newest adventure. Random acts of encouragement. I’ve already made two friends from it, and two friends for my son as well. It can only get better. And as I’m around them, I want to be a kinder version of me and that inspires me as well. Couldn’t we all work on building our village from kindred spirits who push us to be the best us we can be?

Complaints, Compliments and Questions

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