Key witness in Guyger case killed

Joshua Brown, Botham Jean’s neighbor and key witness in Amber Guyger’s conviction was shot and killed. He did not offer an impassioned speech of forgiveness. He spoke up for justice and these are the consequences.

THIS is the other side that we were talking about. Not fitting into the positive caricature or being grateful, and gracious as a saint like Botham’s brother often ends in dire consequences.

THIS is why we talked about necessary or conditioned emotional labor.

This is the new face of racism and how it so clearly manifests itself to those it’s meant to scare and hides itself from those who don’t have to fear.

We’ll have to wait several more years to see if justice will be served in this instance. Until that time, we’ll add his name to the ever growing list of sons and daughters whose mothers grieve them. I can think of no worse torture.

I’m also adding this article as it addresses the polarized views of Botham’s brother’s reaction and speech.

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