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An open letter to the Democratic Party: We’re through.

We have no loyalty to you. We consider ourselves part of your rank only as far as it serves us. It no longer serves us. You have acquiesced to our goals, you have molded yourself to our demands, and changed your foundation to match ours, but it isn’t enough. It’s not even close to enough. In case you aren’t aware, we’ve killed empires and rendered your ways obsolete. Our children will never even know your ways existed. They’ll never dance around and make a sandwich waiting for the internet to load or sit in the living room beside the phone waiting for a call. We didn’t have the patience for that shit and that should scare you. We didn’t just whine about it. We innovated. We improved. We overhauled and burnt that shit to the ground with our impatience. I sincerely hope its going to be the same for you. Yeah, we’ve got kids now so that takes up our time and energy, but I’m banking on our short attention spans, demanding personalities, and acclimation to our instant gratification culture. You love to denigrate these aspects of our lives, but they are our strengths. They are what drive us. The impact generation. We can be summed up in two things: we want to make an impact and we don’t give a shit about burning down the video rental stores and toys-r-us’ that get in our way. You should know, we don’t give a shit about you. It’s why we are Bernie. It’s why he’s so electric to us. It looked like we acquiesced to you and your fucking party of empty establishment, but in allowing us even the airtime, we have rocked your status quo and made the fringe, the center of your every campaign. Joe Biden is your best effort to replace our raucous voices with the establishment, the party line. He will fail. Oh don’t get me wrong, we’ll vote for him. But he will fail. Why? We are anarchists at heart and to summon our passion you must demur to our one demand: this country is ours damn it. It’s why Trump’s racist, hateful, childish bullshit won in the first place. My generation wants to know that they rule the country and Trump is the hero of the other half of my generation. They are half that grew out of the fall of the tea party movement, just as we are growing out out of the fall of the 99% movement. We are so fucking sick of the parties. People tell us to “vote blue, no matter who” and whatever they say to the Republicans. And we do, but oh, our impatience is growing. It’s dividing this country across a deep ravine where the center doesn’t even exist. If we ever realize that the center could be putting the country in our hands, both these stupid parties will fall faster than Tiffany and Co’s blood diamond reign. Millennials won’t mourn their demise. A simple google search will tell you we’re ruthless. I want to be in front row with popcorn. And I don’t want to wait.

Sincerely fuck you,

Bernie Millenials


One thought on “An open letter to the Democratic Party: We’re through.

  1. It seems to me that the Republicans have a coalition. There are the people who want to prevent abortions at all costs, the people who want to prevent any gun laws at all at all costs, and the people who want tax cuts at all costs, as well as the Trumpians who want to burn the system down. Then there are the racists, and the almost decent people who don’t know they are racist but whose implicit biases keep Black people down. That’s a lot of people. Trump is royally screwing your country with his deadly clowning around SARS-CoV-2, but will that make his fans look up from their disparate obsessions?


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