Here and There Homeschool

In my previous post I mentioned that I’ve outgrown this blog. It’s tying me down, and I honestly don’t even recognize the person from most of the posts anymore. I have started a new blog. It’s just the beginning. I want to invite you guys, whoever may be left, to get to know me for real. Not my crappy shadow side rants 24/7, but the mom me, the teacher me, the I-found-an-okay-church me. Here’s a reblog of my first post in the new blog. Come and see me over there. Same person, a little less conflicted.

For a very long time, I have loved the in between. I grew up in black and white, as so many of us have. Yes or no. Now or later. Go or stay. …

Here and There Homeschool

Complaints, Compliments and Questions

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