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My Mom, the Addict Version.

She’s turning in circles and talking constantly about something we can’t understand. She’s constantly apologizing. She’s saying the same things over and over. She’s talking to herself continuously. She’s slurring her speech. She’s taking everything the wrong way. She’s whining. She’s nagging. She’s insecure and unbelievably annoying. I’m growing a human being. Soon I’m going … Continue reading

The War on Christmas in a Kindergarten Classroom
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The War on Christmas in a Kindergarten Classroom

“Well I saw the real Santa and he’s white.” One kid told another while they were coloring Santa’s skin on a worksheet. The other child had colored Santa’s skin brown and I’d smiled to myself and thought, “See Megan Kelly, kid’s don’t care what color Santa’s skin is.” How wrong I was. The commenting kiddo … Continue reading