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While I enjoy comments on my blog the most, I understand that there are times that you may want to contact me directly. Not all thoughts need be shared publicly, though who am I to talk 😉 . If you have any ideas, would like me post about something specific, or just want to get a hold of me, please send these along as well.

Here is my email address:

This is also the way to request access to any restricted posts. As a purely anonymous blog I try to protect the privacy of those mentioned in it. I am fortunate that most people involved have generic names as I am quite reluctant to change them, but still sometimes I feel I am not protecting privacy well enough and restrict posts. I also tend to restrict atypical posts that may contain offensive poetry, words or imagery. This is my sacred space and I will add, subtract, and restrict it in anyway I choose. Because of that, if I choose not to share with you after a request, please respect my privacy and know that it isn’t lack of respect that keeps me from sharing.

Blessings on your journey!
❤ Sacred Struggler

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