A Birth Story: Daughters are WoMEn Too
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A Birth Story: Daughters are WoMEn Too

The way my daughter entered the world prepared me for the life she faces, the life I’ve faced. The rape of our bodies and minds by those to whom our words seem surreptitious. People will assault her by disregarding her words, want, and will insisting that what we wear- our skin, our suit, our smile- is more indicative of our intent than our intentional verbal insistences. Continue reading

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My Mom, the Addict Version.

She’s turning in circles and talking constantly about something we can’t understand. She’s constantly apologizing. She’s saying the same things over and over. She’s talking to herself continuously. She’s slurring her speech. She’s taking everything the wrong way. She’s whining. She’s nagging. She’s insecure and unbelievably annoying. I’m growing a human being. Soon I’m going … Continue reading