Sarvodaya by Satyagraha

Insistence on Truth


I am writing here because I struggle everyday. I wrestle with my faith, with my values, with myself. I am going to remain anonymous. Very few of my friends or family know what I have here with specific purpose that I be more honest and truth-full with what I write. I noticed how much I edit when people I know may read it and I don’t want to soil it anymore. So welcome to my struggle with life and my struggle to live while desperately trying to “uplift all by insisting on truth” Please bring a generous spirit.

6 thoughts on “Sarvodaya by Satyagraha

  1. I am so glad you found me so i could find your blog. Satyagraha, fantastic. I ahven’t talked about stuff like this and samsara since I’ve been on here. I started doing a series on the gnostic gospels and the apocryphal books of the bible, I got the first one done on the Martyrdom of Peter and I felt shunned so I stopped the series, please keep this theme alive


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