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My Letter to Congress Lazies

That’s it. You’ve done it.  You’ve actually shut us down in your attempts to flout the Constitution and the way this government is run. No, I’m not talking to Democrats. I’m talking to Republicans. You demand to compromise a law that has been approved through the correct avenues as laid out in the Constitution. So, maybe you’ve got some time to read that little book you say they tuck in your jacket pockets. The one that lays out the way law is made when a bill is passed by Congress, deemed Constitutional by the Supreme Court and signed into Law by the President. That’s right all three branches put this act into law. I guess it’s no new thing to you to break he laws you pretend to stand on, but I’m not having it. It’s the law. It’s not a debate. The end. Now, shut up and get back to work.


Sacred Struggler Independent PA

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