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Time between times.

As I’m driving in my car, I look around and realize that we are missing something important. This is the most beautiful weather we’ve had in months. The sun is shining and the breeze is light. You could wear jeans and a sweater or shorts and a t-shirt and be comfortable. It’s the time between times. The time between too cold and too hot. The time between frostbite and bug bites. It’s a magical time. But I look around and see cars with their windows up. And I go into people’s homes and into different schools and they have the air conditioning on. No one is enjoying the time between times.

The time between hello and goodbye passes unnoticed while we text and type our way through our conversations. The time between being a child and being an adult ends abruptly. We can’t seem to let it linger in the in between. It’s black or white, the grey is simply what is hated by both. Known and unknown. Science and religion. The ancient Celts knew that just because something cannot be seen; it does not make it any less real. The sacred gave way to the manifest and the manifest to the sacred likewise. The unseen is the magic that makes you be able to really know the manifest. How can you know beauty without feeling it’s miracle? In the uncertain, the in between; we have a chance to grow into each role, every characteristic and aspect of the self. And it seems we hate that idea. We rush to the being, but refuse to feel the becoming. And perhaps we’ve lost that belief in the majestic along with our belief in creation, in transition, in process.

And it’s a shame. It’s a shame we can’t live in the almost, not quite, just about, all but, edge of. It’s the miracle we’re missing.

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